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Architectural Services

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Property Inspection & Site investigation, Brief and Concept Design

At POL + A we like to work with clients from the beginning of their journey all the way through to completion. 

We start with offering a building inspection service (& report if required) for clients either of prospective properties or of their existing property. This enables us to get a clear idea of the existing conditions. This can also include, where relevant, a planning search and history to paint a fuller picture.

We assist the client in formulating a brief for the project to bring clarity, if and where required, to the goals and aims of the project.


The concept design is tailored to the specific project and no two are ever the same.

Construction and/or Tender Documents

At POL+A we work to ensure as much detail and clarity can be included in the tender package to enable a more complete and fair price at return. We work up a detailed set of drawings to allow for an accurate costing. We deal directly with the tendering contractors answering any questions during the process. At return we review and present an analysis of the returns to the client. Therefore enabling an educated and informed decision when it comes to appointing a contractor.

A set of construction drawings & specification are then prepared to allow for the signing of the building contract (RIAI standard forms - blue/yellow/short).

NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings)
Developed Design & Planning

Taking the project further we develop up the scheme through detailed design and critical analysis of both the scheme and the brief in terms of site, client and urban/rural context.

Detail design covers the planning process and includes the submission of the planning application and all documentation to the respective councils. In POL+A we have direct experience of recent applications in the following: Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, South County Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Kildare

Contract Admin, BC(A)R & Health & Safety

Following the preparation of contract documents by POL+A and the signing of said documents, POL+A monitor and inspect the construction phase of the works. Site meetings are held; separate from design meetings with the client, to ensure clear and direct instructions and monitoring of the contract occur.

The client has requirements, under specific legislation, in relation to both BC(A)R (Building Control Amendment Regulations - S.I.9 2014) and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (construction) Regulations (S.I.291 2013). 

At POL+A we have extensive knowledge of these statutory requirement and can liaise with the client in terms of appointments and assigments accordingly.

At POL+A, under separate appointments as required by the respective bodies, we offer both the role of the PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Process) and the role of Assigned Certifier (an assignment required under the new BC(A)R regulations.

The extent of our involvement is tailored to each project and can be discussed directly at appointment stage to ensure you, as the client, receive the best suited service for your project. 

‘Nearly Zero Energy Buildings’, NZEB means a building that has a very high energy performance where the nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby.

The NZEB standard will apply to all new buildings (domestic) occupied after the 31st December 2020. In 2017 this was implemented through the building regulations (Part L).

At POL+A we are NZEB qualified designers

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